Care at Jasmine Cattery

Daily routine

The day starts early with breakfast and a close check on all our residents to ensure everyone is happy and in good health. Notes will be taken of any changes in behaviour. 

All the pens are thoroughly cleaned, all bowls washed. Litter trays will be emptied frequently throughout the day.

Time is spent with each cat at regular intervals throughout the day to ensure they are both healthy and content.

Our clients have their evening meal at around 5pm and the last check of the day will be made at around 10pm.  

Toys and bedding

Although these are provided, to help your cat settle in you may like to bring their own bed/blankets or toys which will have a familiar scent, this may help to reassure your cat in the new environment. 


We provide quality dry and wet cat food to our clients but if you would prefer a gourmet menu for your cat this will be charged at additional cost. Please get in touch to find out more info. If your cat is on a prescription diet, you will need to provide this.


We are happy to groom cats as long as they are happy for this to happen.


We can administer your cat’s medication but please provide a sufficient quantity for the duration of your cats stay with us, clearly labelled with instructions.


If we are concerned that your cat is unwell during their stay, we will seek immediate advice from a vet. We will then inform you or your emergency contact. We expect any incurred veterinary fees will be paid for upon collection of your cat/s.